no risk, you only commit to 1 month!


FB-Curves ants to make this innovative tool accessible to all user, for this reason we have set up monthly subscriptions. You can unsubscribe at any time.

1- Go to the App Store or Google Play Store


2- Type "3D Gym Men" or "3D Gym Women" in the search option


3- Download the Application (1.2 Go)


4- You may have to re-start your device once downloaded


5- "45 Elements (Men)" or "23 Elements (women) are available FREE for you to test the apps functions


6- Create an account and select your package




7- Payment is made via your Itunes account, Google account or by bank card

(secure payment system)




8- Once payment is made, you no longer need an internet connection to use the app

Your package is stored within your app on your device.




9- You may unsubscribe at any moment,

if not your subscription will automatically renew every month.


How to Unsubscribe?