The application

"3D gym women"

is in production...

Animation test 1

The female model has been finished, here are some animation tests before taking back control of the model and developing her movment into all elements within the female "code of points".

Animation test 2

Forward Handspring -  front straight somersault with 1½ twists  (540°) in the second flight.

Animation test 3

Release and Catch "DEF"

Analyse the different biomechanical information and regulate the supleness of the bar.

Animation test 4


Study of Pirouette 1/1 turn (360°) with the extended legs heal at the horizontal position.

The requirements of routine creation (Jury D)



October 2019

Release of the application "3D Gym Women"

Free version 

23 elements

january 2019

Update to the application

simple version 

Value A to C

4 Apparatus

380 elements

(In-App purchases)

April 2019

Update to the application

complete version

all values

4 Apparatus

640 elements

(In-App purchases)