Bringing gymnastics to life

How can 3D help gymnastics?

3D visualisation is a very powerful tool. Our videos have all been created purely in 3D. This gives us the ability to accurately adjust every point and angle of our 3D models body, creating outstanding results and accurate videos. These 3D videos bring gymnastic elements to life, making it easier to teach, understand and develop. 

Why use our videos and app?

It has become clear that as sport develops viualisation can be very powerful in learning. Our videos give an extremely accurate visual of each gymnastic skill. The ability to zoom, rotate and view from multiple angles really helps the gymnast and coach understand each element. It could also help coaches create and develop new methods to teach these skills. It can help gymnasts, judges or coaches in learning and development. Helping really understand the elements of gymnastics.

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The deduction

The scoring system for gymnastics can be complex and difficult to understand. Our deduction videos are designed to clearly explain and help understand why these deductions happen. Study, learn and develop with 3D Gym.


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With over 800 men’s gymnastics elements to choose from, our 3D videos have brought the “code of points” to life. Aimed to help the gymnastic community learn, develop and understand with this powerful teaching aide.


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Event options
for the public?

Animate your event with our special event videos. Great for the audience to learn more about the sport and understand our scoring system. Personalize these videos with your club logo, colours, federation or event details.


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