Rings - Bend of body in strength presses

Article 9.2.8 : During strength presses, the body must be straight throughout the execution of the element. If the body bend at any point the deduction is according to the angular deviation.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Bend of body

RINGS - Strength deviations

Deduction on differents angles

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Angles
  • 2/Strength examples

Rings - Judges point of view- Cross deviations

The differents deductions from the judges point of view.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Differents Cross deviations

RINGS - Support scale in Straddle

Judges point of views: Support scale in Straddle

Covered Chapters

  • 2/ Deduction on support scale in Straddle

RINGS - Elements Group

Details and explanation about differents Rings elements Group

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Jury D: Value of EG
  • 2/ Example of EG

RING - Touch and support cables

All deduction when gymnast touching or supporting the cable or straps with arms, feet or other parts of body

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Touching
  • 2/ Supporting

Swing to inverted cross

Explanation of differents deduction about swing to inverted cross with entry position and hold position

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Differents angular deviavtion
  • 2/ Deduction for swing to inverted cross

RINGS - Excessive swing of cables.

Little swing = no ded
Excessive swing = 0.1/element

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Swinging in the elements

RINGS - Elbow errors during strength elements

Small = 0.1
Medium = 0.3
Large = 0.5

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Bending
  • 2/Strengh examples

RINGS - False grip (over grip) during strength holds (each time).

False grip = 0.1

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Bending
  • 2/Strength examples

RINGS - Holding Strength elements

2 s = no ded
approx 1 s = 0.3 ded
0 s = 0.5 + NR

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Time
  • 2/Strength examples

Swallow (Hirondelle)

All errors about Swallow (Hirondelle)

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Basic principles
  • 2/ Position shoulder
  • 3/ Deviation angular
  • 4/ Hip bend and arch
  • 5/ Common errors
  • 6/ Contact arms
  • 7/ False grip

Rings - Non Recognition of Swing to Strength

If the entry position is more than 45°, the swing strength will not be recognised but the strength can be recognised (GRP II) if it is less than 45°.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Swing to cross
  • 2/ Swing to Swallow

Non Recognition of Strength Presses.

Non Recognition of diiferent elements with Strength Presses.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Press support scale
  • 2/ Press Swallow
  • 3/ Press Cross inverted

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