PARALLELES - Hand faults

Hand faults

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Mouvment/Hop

Parallele Bars - Elements Group

Details and explanation about differents Parallele Bars elements Group

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Jury D: Value of EG
  • 2/ Example of EG

Kip with bent legs after Bhavsar or similar element

Article 14.3

After Bhavsar or similar horizontal regrasping elements to hang glide kip with bent legs

Covered Chapters

  • Different elements with bent legs

PB - D Jury : Tipelt NR

Stopping at L-sit = Non-Recognition

Covered Chapters

  • Tipelt NR

PARALLEL BARS - Legs apart

Legs apart

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Tucked
  • 2/Piked

PARALLEL BARS - Contact and Falls

Contact and Falls

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Contact-Heavy contact
  • 2/Falls

PB - Front uprise

h) A front uprise should be performed with the back horizontal with the bars, an angle of up to 45º to horizontal will have a small deduction and below 45º a medium deduction.
i) A front uprise to L sit can be deducted for lack of amplitude in the uprise, 0.1 or 0.3.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Front Uprise
  • 2/ Front uprise to L sit

PB - During swing element which pass through or end in handstand

During swing elements which pass through or end in handstand (see additional rule Art. 15.2 for Horizontal Bar), deviations from the correct position will be penalized as follows:
up to 15º No deduction.
>15° to 30º Small error.
>30° to 45º Medium error.
> 45º Large error and non-recognition (D jury).

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Differents deviations
  • 2/ Examples

Moy and giants, bend legs before horizontal body

Article 14.3

Moy and giants, bend legs before horizontal body

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Moy
  • 2/ Giant

Lack of extension at horizontal regrasping after saltos

Article 14.3:

Lack of extension at horizontal regrasping after saltos

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Salto Backward
  • 2/ Salto Forward
  • 3/ Examples

Excessive hand separation and/or body deviation

Article 14.3

Elements Chiarlo type, excessive hand separation and/or body deviation (each).

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Hand separation
  • 2/ Deviation

Pause/Stop during Makuts type elements

Article 14.2.2
3. e)

How to evaluate Makuts type elements with a pause or stop during the first part of the element

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Pause
  • 2/ Stop

NL #37 : Diamidov +Healy

Regarding Article 14.2.2. 3.
Additional information and regulations: b) Special rule: Elements to one bar in cross support have the same value as done to two bars, except they increase by one value more when connected to Healy type elements (each Healy element also increases by one value)

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Diamidov + Healy
  • 2 Diamidov 5/4 + Healy

Layaways, empty and intermediate swings

Article 9.3.2c)
Layaways, empty and intermediate swings (medium or large error = 0,3 or 0,5 by the E-jury):

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Layaways
  • 2/ Empty
  • 3/ Intermediate swings

Uncontrolled regrasping after saltos

Article 14.3 Specific Deductions for Parallel Bars:

Uncontrolled regrasping after saltos (0.3 or 0.5).

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Salto 3/4

Bhavsar, body position on regrasping

If the gymnast regrasps with a body position of more than 45° from horizontal and/or a 90° angle in the shoulder, no value will be given and a single large deduction will be taken.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Deduction

Healy, Makuts: Non Recognition

If the landing with flexion of the arms > 90° then the element will not be recognized

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Non Recognition

PB - D Jury : Difference between Kovtun and uprise with 1/4T

Kovtun ( EG II #15) = C value
Forward uprise with 1/4 turn to handstand followed by glide kip one rail type element ( EGII #6) = F + B

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Kovtun
  • 2/ Forward uprise with 1/4 t.

Element finishing in a handstand

For elements that are defined as finishing in a handstand, such as Diamidov, the gymnast must clearly show the handstand position before proceeding into elements such as long hang or upper arm support. Otherwise the element may not be recognized.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Element in Handstand

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