Pause/Stop during Makuts type elements

Article 14.2.2
3. e)

How to evaluate Makuts type elements with a pause or stop during the first part of the element

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Pause
  • 2/ Stop

NL #37 : Handstand dismount

Article 11.2.1 Information about Exercise Presentation
3. Additional execution, technical and exercise construction expectations are:
i) A simple handstand dismount must cross the horse in order to be recognized.

Article 11.2.2 Information about the “D score”
2. Additional information and regulations:
c) Handstand
c.5) … However, if there is a large error, no recognition will be given for the handstand or dismount. In this example the gymnast crosses the body of the horse, then during upgrade attempt (turn/travel in handstand) made a large error and therefore will receive no upgrade, but will still receive a C value dismount.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Dismount error 180°
  • 2/ 1/ Dismount error 270°

NL #37 : Diamidov +Healy

Regarding Article 14.2.2. 3.
Additional information and regulations: b) Special rule: Elements to one bar in cross support have the same value as done to two bars, except they increase by one value more when connected to Healy type elements (each Healy element also increases by one value)

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Diamidov + Healy
  • 2 Diamidov 5/4 + Healy

Layaways, empty and intermediate swings

Article 9.3.2c)
Layaways, empty and intermediate swings (medium or large error = 0,3 or 0,5 by the E-jury):

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Layaways
  • 2/ Empty
  • 3/ Intermediate swings

High Bar - Entry for Adler elements

Article 15.2.1 Information about Exercise Presentation

f) For all Adler elements it is not required to enter from a handstand position.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Adler entry

Uncontrolled regrasping after saltos

Article 14.3 Specific Deductions for Parallel Bars:

Uncontrolled regrasping after saltos (0.3 or 0.5).

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Salto 3/4

High Bar - Endo, Stalder, Weiler and Adler must continue over the bar

Article 15.2.2 Information about the D score

16) Endo, Stalder, Weiler and Adler Elements for recognition these elements must continue over the bar in the intended direction.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Differents elements

Bhavsar, body position on regrasping

If the gymnast regrasps with a body position of more than 45° from horizontal and/or a 90° angle in the shoulder, no value will be given and a single large deduction will be taken.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Deduction

Healy, Makuts: Non Recognition

If the landing with flexion of the arms > 90° then the element will not be recognized

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Non Recognition

High Bar - Quast

Criteria for a Quast:

- Visible flight
- Rotation during flight
- Rotation finished and regrasp both hands within 15° from handstand
- All parts of body stretched
- No hollow back

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Differentes penalities on Quast

High Bar - Yamawaki

Article 15.2.2 Information about the D score

9) The Yamawaki element must be straight when passing through a vertical body position over the bar for no deductions. An excessive pike or a poor vertical position over the bar will be deducted and could also lead to recognition of a B value flight element.

Covered Chapters

  • Yamawaki

Floor - Incomplete Twist

Attention must be paid to the position of the feet before or after the landing of saltos with twist.
The shoulder position is not reliable.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Differents fault on incomplete twist

Floor - Legs apart on landing

Article 9.4 E - Jury deductions

Video explain differents deduction for Legs apart on landing.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Legs apart on landing

HB- Zou Li Min

Article 15.2.2 Information about the D score

"A Zou Li Min executed with insufficient turning (greater than 90° deviation on first full twist) will not be recognized by the D-jury and receive a -0.5 deduction by the E-jury. This element may not be devalued to a Giant Swing Fwd. with one arm in undergrip (B value)."
One arm giant swing fwd. with 1/1 t. to el-grip and 1/1 t. to undergrip (Zou Li Min, Element I.27) cannot be combined with any other element for an increase in value.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Different deduction on Zou Li Min

HB- Tkatchev straight

Article 15.2.2 Information about the D score:

17/ The element must be performed with a straight body throughout the element until regrasping the bar. If the gymnast bends his body greater than 45° before passing over the bar, it will be recognized as a Tkatchev pike = C-value. If the gymnast bends his body after passing over the bar he will receive the D value, but would receive appropriate execution deductions.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Body position over the bar
  • 2/ Body position after passing over the bar

PH- 'A' value circle between Magyar and Sivado

Article 11.2.2 Information about the “D score”

vii./ “Magyar and Sivado may share a common circle connecting them and receive D+D difficulty. To receive credit for an A value circle between the two travels, the A value circle must be completed fully from front support to front support.”

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ D+A+D
  • 2/ D+D

Non Recognition of Strength Presses.

Non Recognition of diiferent elements with Strength Presses.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Press support scale
  • 2/ Press Swallow
  • 3/ Press Cross inverted

PB - D Jury : Difference between Kovtun and uprise with 1/4T

Kovtun ( EG II #15) = C value
Forward uprise with 1/4 turn to handstand followed by glide kip one rail type element ( EGII #6) = F + B

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Kovtun
  • 2/ Forward uprise with 1/4 t.

Element finishing in a handstand

For elements that are defined as finishing in a handstand, such as Diamidov, the gymnast must clearly show the handstand position before proceeding into elements such as long hang or upper arm support. Otherwise the element may not be recognized.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Element in Handstand

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