Landings & Dismounts on the Feet without Deduction

The gymnast may land or dismount with their feet apart but he must complete the landing by bringing his heels together without lifting and moving the front of his

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ No deduction
  • 2/ 0.1 deduction
  • 3/ 0.3 deduction

Lowering of Legs on Swings to Handstands

This video shows the actions to be taken for lowering of the legs during swings to handstand

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Faults on Diamidov
  • 2/Faults on other apparatus

Unsteadiness on landing

Explanation about minor adjustment of feet, or excessive arm swings on landing.

Covered Chapters

  • Minor adjustment of feet
  • Excessive arm swings


The différents deduction on landing.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Step and Hop
  • 2/Falls

Lowering of chest on landings

Lowering of chest and extreme bending on on landings

Covered Chapters

  • 1 - Lowering of chest
  • 2 - Extreme bending

Incomplete twists

Technical deductions for angular deviation from the perfect end position

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Deduction on twists

Bent arms

Differents deductions about Bent arms

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Differents bent arms
  • 2/ Exemple on 6 apparatus

Layaways, empty and intermediate swings

Layaways, empty and intermediate swings (medium or large error = 0,3 or 0,5 by the E-jury):

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Layaways
  • 2/ Empty
  • 3/ Intermediate swings

Generally - Landings 2, "Hops" and "Steps"

Small step or hop = 0.1 ded
Large step or hop = 0.3 ded
Fall = 1 ded

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Step and hop
  • 2/Falls

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