Loss of balance during any landing

here are some examples of different deductions for landings on the floor. Including combining steps, unbalanced with a fall and exiting the floor surface

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Combining steps
  • 2/ Combining steps + fall
  • 3/ Combining steps + exiting floor area

FLOOR - The landing area

The differents deduction when gymnast exiting the area

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Exiting the area
  • 2/Combined: Exit and Step

FLOOR - Elements Group

Presentation and examples of differents elements group

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Points for each group
  • 2/ Exemple of elements

Floor - Non-distinct positions (tuck, pike, straight).

When Tuck, Pike, Straight (for recognition):
Examples differences in saltos:

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Tuck
  • 2/Pike
  • 3/Straight

Floor - Open Legs during Flight elements (twists and saltos)

We must pay attention on leg crossed during flight phase in saltos with twist.
The shoulder during saltos and/or on landing is decisive

Covered Chapters

  • 1/Tuck
  • 2/Pike
  • 3/Saltos with twist

Floor - Incomplete Twist

Attention must be paid to the position of the feet before or after the landing of saltos with twist.
The shoulder position is not reliable.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Differents fault on incomplete twist

Floor - Legs apart on landing

Article 9.4 E - Jury deductions

Video explain differents deduction for Legs apart on landing.

Covered Chapters

  • 1/ Legs apart on landing

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